In the Democracy, Governance and Service Delivery (DGSD) research programme of the HSRC , there is a SASAS-aligned internship programme where students at Masters and Doctoral level can work with the SASAS core team, gain exposure to all aspects of survey methodology, identify a thematic interest for dissertation purposes and gain publishing experience.

There is a strong emphasis on promoting data usage at universities for the purposes of instruction and studies. We would like to see the survey increasingly employed as source material for dissertations and peer-reviewed publications and as an instrument for providing students and researchers with skills in the analysis of microdata and survey methodology. SASAS contributed to human capital development by supervision of students and the secondary use of data on which theses and dissertations have been based.

The SASAS project has created opportunities both externally and internally to the HSRC.  Since SASAS is an annual survey, a dedicated team of supervisors, sub-supervisors, data collectors and data capturers have been trained in the methodologies employed in longitudinal, cross-sectional surveys. The SASAS infrastructure outsources the data collection to small, regional companies and these companies have gained skills in longitudinal research and have also managed to establish and raise their profile as data collection companies.